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Hi all!

Because of the construction and the sparseness of Camp Restore volunteers thru the end of the year, we are going to take a hiatus from meeting at Trinity Oaks.

Instead, starting August 23rd, we will meet on Wednesdays at 5:30, at our (the Rays') house for coffee, fellowship, food, songs, community time and prayer.

When there are volunteers scheduled for Camp Restore, we will send out a text message to let you know to meet there to serve them on that particular Wednesday.

As soon as we know when:
a) there's a steady stream of volunteers &/or 
b) the new facility will be open,
we will likely begin meeting back at Trinity Oaks.

So, what do we do for the next 2 weeks?
We'd like to meet tonight (Aug 9) at Casa La Vida on Coursey Blvd. for dinner (at 6 pm).
It is IMPORTANT that you RSVP to the text message that pointed you here, so that we can have enough table space at the restaurant!
Please reply to the text by 4 pm with:
EZGMN29170 followed by a space and then number attending tonight 
So, if 2 of you are coming, reply with: 
EZGMN29170 2

That way I'll have a good count.
Sorry that it's so cryptic, but I'd have to pay for a custom keyword...and I'm "thrifty"

Any way, we'll probably take next week off...